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  • Janie Chiu

#PerfectPair: Styling Sneakers

Welcome to a series #PerfectPair dedicated to styling shoes with different fashion pieces and trends that I have loved lately. I never thought I would be into big chunky sneakers. After seeing so many unique posts on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms, I was convinced that sneakers can be versatile to fit all fashion styles that people have.

ANTA Klay Thompson Basketball Shoes

Yes, basketball shoes can be used as everyday wear sneakers. Of course, only if you are like me, someone willing to take my basketball shoes off the court and wear it on concrete. But this is what people do now with Jordan's and Nikes! You can be an athlete and be fashionable.


Nike Air Max 97

Wide and round sneakers and dresses or skirts are the perfect pair (haha!) if you don't want to go overboard with boots and heels. It is the perfect way to tone down or make formal clothing pieces into more casual looks suitable for everyday wear.

For the first look, I am wearing a formal fitted knit dress and using accessories to my advantage to make it look like streetwear. The hat matches my shoes (similar to the previous pictures with the basketball shoes). This way, it doesn't look too heavy in all black and takes away the harshness of one solid color.

The second look is a printed denim skirt with a textured scallop design dress shirt tucked in. A great casual look for everyday wear, school and dates!


MCQ by Alexander McQueen Orbyt Descender

Styling these chunky sneakers two ways with the same white top. The first look is very work-appropriate and can be worn as an everyday casual uniform, especially if you are not the type to wear loafers and heels. On the other hand, if your job requires you to be on the go, this is perfect because chunkier shoes have amazing soles that really help support your feet.

The second look is a more tomboy athleisure style with joggers, which is perfect for looking stylish while running errands on the weekend.


Asics Onitsuka Tiger GSM

These are my all-time favourite flat low top sneakers. When I first tried them on last year, I felt like I was walking on clouds. After that, I absolutely did not want to take them off, so I made sure I kept them in a clean and pristine condition at all times. This is one of my favourites looks so far this year, and I love that the top half of the look is girly and dark, but it transitions and pairs nicely with an almost all-white denim and sneakers for my bottom half. Plus, it's the year of the cow in 2021; I have to show my support with that top.

Nike Blazer Low LE

During this Covid-19 pandemic, I have been living in sweatpants and hoodies. So it only makes sense that I wear it outside as well. In the past, I was not a sweatpants person because I just preferred to wear denim or trousers. But something about the way a full sweatsuit just works for every person and every body shape, especially paired so well sneakers, that I just caved. Plus, wearing a trench coat and a nice handbag adds sophistication into a lazy outfit since you can't fully accessorize this look with large statement jewelry.


  1. Shoes and accessories should almost always coordinate in terms of color shades.

  2. If you choose to carry a handbag, be sure that your shoes' primary solid color matches the bag.

  3. Jewelry makes a significant difference in your entire outfit. Statement pieces should be worn with other simpler pieces to create contrast rather than crowding up your neck and ears.

  4. Hats should match your shoes the same way your handbag does.

  5. The plainer your shoe design and color are, the more colors you can play with on your body and for your accessories.

Happy Styling!

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