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Hi, I'm

Welcome to my blog!

I hope that I can bring my readers genuine, fun and relatable content through my life and interests. 

If you like all things fashion, beauty and travelling then continue to explore and support my blog. 

About Me

I was born in Asia, and my family and I immigrated to Canada over 15 years ago. I am the youngest of three siblings and I was raised in the West coast (Vancouver) and moved across the country to pursue my business degree (Toronto). I have worked and studied abroad in Hong Kong and Singapore during the four years of my university degree because I am a travel bug. Learning, exploring and absorbing the different countries and their culture and environment has pushed me to become more self-reflective and appreciative to the world and embrace my love for learning.

Why I started

I have always wanted to start my own blog/website because I used to journal almost everyday in high school and a bit in university about my emotions, my worries, interesting things that happened throughout my days and basically everything I was afraid to let other people know, I put them all down on paper. For a long time I was convinced that what I had to say and what I was feeling was unimportant and invalid so the only place I could turn to was journalling, which kept me grounded. 

I had an overwhelming number of goals I wanted to achieve, one of them was to start my own website. This has been on my mind for over three years now and it was constantly being put off. I also had this confidence-lacking mentality believing that "If I never start, I won't have to accept failure," because I wasn't confident in what I had to offer and I kept overthinking about how if I tried to do something different for myself creatively, I would seem like a narcissist or that I would be judged for what I published. But the truth is, whatever we do, there will always be people who talk and make their own judgements, good or bad. This was a hard pill for me to swallow and I am still learning to accept it. I realized that by having that mindset it didn't benefit me whatsoever, but instead held me back a lot, because I end up giving myself so many made up scenarios and reasons to forfeit opportunities that I could have achieved, all because of the fear of taking that one step - to just start and do it.


My goal for this website is for it to be an unconventional blog that contains anything and everything, from food destinations to fashion inspiration and from travel diaries to millennial life struggles, and so much more. I know, reading this far you're thinking that I have no focus for this blog and am really trying to be everywhere and talk about everything right from the get-go, but I believe that life is so ambiguous and exciting, even if at times, it may feel very mundane, there is always that spark that makes life great, we just need to find it.

We all need to start somewhere, anywhere. Your determination will drive results and that is really the objective of my website - proving to myself that as long as I start living intentionally and giving myself a little more credit to what I can offer, I can build my own empire, big or small.

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